Magnet Bar

Article number: AAPL0460 Snowkite Bar
Peter Lynn open cell depower kites are equipped with the Peter Lynn Magnet control system (complete kites only) which is optimized for use in snow, while not compromising its suitability and ease of use for any other kite activity. Based upon the proven Navigator bar, this system ensures functionality and safety at the highest level of performance.
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Magnet Bar
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Summary of Tech Specs Summary of Tech Specs
1. Clamcleat Power adjuster
Well working easy to use depowersystem. Trim your kites precisely with our clamcleat.
2. Self-landing handle
To securely and easily land you kite in any condition.
3. 1800KG Amsteel Depowerline
Strong and durable depowerline built to prevent excessive wear.
4. Smooth Center Hole
Prevents lines passing through to twist, knot or get tangled with each other.
5. Colour Coded Eva Foam Grip
To always make sure that your kite is set correctly. Soft grip for maximum comfort even with gloves.
6. Free Spinning Depowerloop
To make sure that as you move, the kite and lines follow you too.
7. Safety Line Attachment
For maximum safety, the line attachment is cluster free, so that it will always be ready to work if needed.

All Magnet bars include 500kg lines and a safety leash as standard.