Why work with us?
Personal and direct service
We make sure that you can maximize your time on the water
personal and direct service personal and direct service
Maximized water time
- Our school support team is always ready to help. We send out replacement kites as soon as possible to ensure you are back on the water teaching. Replacement first, questions later.
We listen to your feedback
- Tell us any feedback you may have. Your opinion influences our next generation of kites.
Direct communication with headquarter
- No matter where your school is based, you'll have a direct communication line with the people looking after your interests.
Tailor made solutions
- Our school support team is ready to help you as a partner with any special wishes you may have.
Optimized cashflow
Low risk and hassle free
Optimized cashflow Optimized cashflow
FIxed discounts all year long
- Buy your kites at a fixed, attractive discount all year long. Both for use in your school and for selling directly to your students.
Size does not matter
- No matter how big or small your school is, we've got you covered.
Sell kites, even without stock
- Inspire your customers to buy the same kite they've had lessons with. We dropship kites directly to your customer. You get an attractive reward per sold kite. No need to keep stock!
Promote your school together
With promotional items, inspiring content and help with organizing events
Promote your school together Promote your school together
Get great promotional items
- We make you look good with a wide range of promotional items. Turn your school into the eye catcher on the spot with our PLKB promo material.
Inspiring content
- Benefit from easy acces to inspiring content for your website and social channels. Boost awareness for your school!
Partner up in organizing events
- Let us support you in organizing any type of kite event.
Personalised kites
- You can order personalised kites, for example with your own logo.
High Quality Gear
High quality kites and boards
High Quality Gear High Quality Gear
- Work with only high quality products fabricated with the best materials according to the highest standards.
- By selling fast-moving products such as beginner and trainer kites, you can make easy money.
- Benefit from the wide range of outstanding products in the PLKB range. A unique series of kites for any kite discipline, whether on water, snow or land. From entry level trainer kites, beginners to high performance kites for winners.