Commander Bar

Article number: AKPL05000 School Control-Bar
In cooperation with different kite schools, Peter Lynn Kiteboarding has designed an LEI control bar that caters to the specific demands of kite instructors, schools and beginner kiteboarders. By using parts that are already in use by multiple brands, and thus thoroughly tested, we can guarantee a bar that functions even in the most demanding school settings. The Commander bar is built so that it’s simple and straight forward, has easy replaceable parts it needed, and it very strong, tough and durable.

Main design characteristics:
- Good grip
- Well working swivel system
- Strong and durable
- Easy to use safety
- All connections are extra durable
- No excessive parts, no complicated systems

*Only available for schools through our B2B site.
The Commander bar is available in one size: 52cm bar with 22m 350kg lines
  • 51cm/22m
Tech Specs Commander
Commander Bar
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Summary of Tech Specs Summary of Tech Specs
1. Kook proof line connections
Knots and loops to indicate front and backlines.
2. Colour coated lines
The Pre-stretched Dyneema lines are PU coated, besides providing the line with maximum protection, this also allows the kitesurfers to see at a glance which line is which.
3. Clamcleat
Well working easy to use depowersystem. Trim your kites precisely with our clamcleat.
4. Stopper ball
Customize the length of your depowerkoord with the stopperbal.
5. Floater
Soft bar ends for max comfort and a floating bar while swimming in deep water.
6. Grip
Nice pre shaped grip for all your unhooked tricks
7. Double depowerkoord
Very durable uncoated double depowerkoord with stopperbal.
8. Swivel
Easily untwist your lines after many rotations
9. Safety
Well working easy to use safety system.
10. Removable lock in pin.
To make unhooked and surf sessions safer and more convenient

All Navigator bars include 350Kg lines and a safety leash as standard.