Aviator Bar

Article number: AAPL025 Depower Foil bar
Specifically designed to be used in combination with the Aero / Nova. The Aviator bar sports some ‘race specific’ features to allow you to maximize the kite’s output.
It is equipped with a double pulley trim system which is operated by a trim rope, this allows for a minute, on the fly power adjustments to help you stay ahead of the pack.
Since these kites are often used for snowkite racing, some specific material choices were made such as the 1800kg Amsteel depower line instead of the standard PU coated line, a lock-in pin with a ‘bend point’ and a softer yet tougher PU loop in a highly visible color.
  • 43cm/15m
  • 43cm/17m
  • 43cm/19m
  • 53cm/15m
  • 53cm/17m
  • 53cm/19m
  • 53cm/21m
  • 63cm/15m
  • 63cm/17m
  • 63cm/19m
  • 63cm/21m
Tech Specs Aviator
Aviator bar
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Summary of Tech Specs Summary of Tech Specs
1. Colour coded leader lines
To quickly differentiate between left and right.
2. Double action trim system
For precise, on the fly, power regulation.
3. Groundstake loop
To secure your kite on the ground, the self landing handle is fitted with a groundstake loop.
4. Self landing handle
The self landing and reverse launch handle is easily removable.
5. Clamcleat trimmer
Proven and reliable clamcleat trimmer.
6. 1800Kg Amsteel depower line
PU coating eventually curls up like a pigs tail so we’ve opted for 1800Kg Amsteel, which is easily replaceable.
7. Steering line trim
Steering line trim knots hidden under the floaters.
8. Smooth centre piece
Precisely machined stainless centre piece allows for smooth bar travel.
9. Hide-away elastic line retainers
Elastic line retainers to secure your lines when the bar is not in use.
10. Molded EVA grip
Comfortable molded EVA grip for a firm bar feeling
11. Flag out safety leash connector
The safety line runs through the centre of the loop and has a metal ring to connect your leash to.
12. Soft, high visibility PU loop
Standard loop can freeze up and break in extreme winter conditions, this is why we’ve chosen a softer, more cold resilient material.

All Aviator bars come with 300KG lines.